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Providing Everything You Need for the Mothering Journey you Deserve


OWN Your Feeding Journey-Prenatal Consult

Your baby is coming and you'll have one very important first job--feeding your tiny human!  In this 90 minute personalized session I will help you prepare to OWN your journey and go from more than just a breastfeeding goal to having an actual breastfeeding plan!  We will explore​​​  what your personal feeding goals are, review any health risk factors, and talk about how to emotionally and mentally prepare for feeding and caring for a new baby.  I have a variety of tools to help equip you with the knowledge and confidence to feed your baby, your way.   

The ideal time for a prenatal session is between 32-36 weeks.  

$100 with purchase of a Well Visit Package

$150 Office or virtual

$200 in home (travel fees may apply)

Breastfeeding "Well Visits"

A series of 4-6 steeply discounted lactation visits following the birth of your

baby to monitor how breastfeeding is going, work on goals or plans, and prevent

challenges before they happen.  


Visits occur at the following intervals:

Within the first week

At 2-3 weeks

At 5-6 weeks

At 12-13 weeks

At 5 months


$380 -4 Visit package 

$570 - 6 Visit package 



Breastfeeding Help Visits

Your baby is here and things aren't going as you'd hoped?  Most problems can be fixed pretty easily and those that can't, I have the skills to help you navigate!  In this 60-90 minute session we can work through any feeding issues you are having with your baby, address them and get you to a better, more empowered place.  All consults include assessment, history, review of feeding priorities, and evidence based strategies to help you solve feeding challenges. Common issues I help with include milk supply, tongue tie, painful latch, reflux, trouble with bottle feeding, returning to work, nursing older babies and toddlers, and weaning.


$150 per visit (virtual or office)

$200 per in-home visit (travel fees may apply & priority given for newborns under 2 weeks)

"Holding Space"

$75 (virtual or office)

I offer 3 different sessions in this "Holding Space" series.


 The first is for a difficult or traumatic birth. This might be a good session for you if  there are feelings still lingering... We know that debriefing in a meaningful way after your birth experience has been shown to impact how you are holding onto your story and whether you're experiencing trauma or other distress symptoms.  No preparation is needed.  

The second is for pregnancy or infant loss.  As a bereaved mother myself, I have the unique ability to hold space for you as you endure one of life's most difficult and painful experiences.  My goal is to companion you rather than lead or force you into getting over it  and moving on. 


The third session is for a disappointing breastfeeding journey.  Many mothers are left with grief and guilt when their journey doesnt go as hoped or planned.  Debriefing after such a journey is important to healing and especially important before embarking on another feeding experience. 

Postpartum Doula (in home)

Having support postpartum is vital to recovery, healing, and wellness.  Adjusting to motherhood (also known as matresence)  is overwhelming and my in home support will make all the difference.  Packages are listed below (virtual support also offered)

Package 1:  "Held"


1 "Mothering Nurtured" Planning Session

1 week of postpartum support in your home for a total of 6 hours

Package 2:  "Heard"


1 "Mothering Nurtured" Planning Session

12 hours of postpartum support in your home (2-6 weeks)

1 "Holding Space" Session of your choice 

Package 3: "Seen"


1 "Mothering Nurtured" Planning Session

18 hours of postpartum support in your home (3-6 weeks)

1 "Holding Space" Session of your choice 

Package 4:  "Nurtured"


1 "Mothering Nurtured" Planning Session

24 hours of postpartum support in your home (4-6 weeks)

1 "Holding Space" Session of your choice

Other Services

Young Couple Expecting

Birth & Postpartum Preparation 

$50 group 

$75 virtual

$100 office

$150 in home (travel fees may apply)

In the Birth Preparation Session

we will go over: 

Decision making for birth

Birth planning

Partner roles


"Mothering Nurtured" Postpartum Planning Session:

Who is on your team?

What is the 4th Trimester?

What are your goals? 

Lactation Text Support 
$125 for 30 days


Postpartum Support (virtual)


For 30 days you will receive:​​​​

Access to an IBCLC "in your pocket"

Private encrypted chat

Q & A

Support for things "on the fly"​

Great for follow up or for simple cases with established feeding plan​​​​

I offer a personalized virtual postpartum support plan that includes:

1 postpartum planning session

1 prenatal feeding consultation

1 postpartum feeding consultation

Once a week virtual "check in" sessions for 4 weeks

1 "Holding Space"  session

I also offer a 4 week group series for 10 or less mamas called the "Fourth Trimester" series.  


$25 per session

Package of 4 $90


Dates TBA.

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