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February 25-28, 2025
Manifest like a Mother (f*) Retreat
Sebastian Florida


Get ready for the ultimate feminine power manifestation...

Imagine yourself immersed and nestled in the tropical paradise of the St. Sebastian Nature Preserve, surrounded by a tribe of like-minded women, ready to go on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through a blend of rituals, sound healing, movement, communion with nature, and soul inquiry practices, we will connect with our female lineage as well as our womb space (the ultimate female power source) and begin the process of breaking toxic patterns, releasing fear and pain, and cultivating healing.

Research suggests that we may carry up to seven generations of trauma in our bodies. Most of that is held in the womb space (even if you no longer have a womb), which can function as an emotional “junk drawer.” The weight of this “junk”  impacts our ability to live as fully and as widely as we were intended to.

During this 4 day experience, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, honoring the wisdom and resilience of our female lineage (also acknowledging the pain they may have experienced and/or inflicted), releasing the burdens we carry, and bringing balance back through our forgotten feminine wisdom.

During our time together, we will:

-Explore our roots through journaling, altar building, and a Mother Blessing ceremony
-Experience a meditative labyrinth walk to gain clarity as the heroine of your journey
-Participate in a guided Womb Rite ritual to release the fear and pain we carry and make way for new growth and creation
-Participate in a Blessing Bowl/Feminine Waters ceremony to wash and cleanse whatever no longer serves us
-Enjoy a walking permaculture experience on the grounds of the St Sebastian River Preserve
-Engage in gentle yoga and movement (no experience is needed)
-Enjoy nourishing farm-to-table meals
-Enjoy time for personal reflection, rest, and enjoyment of the grounds as well as optional on-site spa services

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sunscreen, pack your sense of curiosity, and join us for the ultimate feminine manifestation. Sign up on the waiting list now.



This retreat is for you if—

…you feel STUCK are in a transition in your life and feel out of alignment and don't know where to start.

​…you CRAVE actual opportunities to physically manifest change or growth and don’t feel satisfied with "airy fairy" experiences.

​… you are CURIOUS if having connection with other women is what is missing in your life.

… you want to EXPLORE (and maybe start to heal) your inner child, explore your feminine lineage, and use this knowledge to eliminate limiting beliefs, and step into what’s next.

​ are WILLING to get outside of your comfort zone, try something new, and to be guided. UNDERSTAND that quick fixes and checklists don’t often create lasting change.  Maybe you've even gone to therapy, read the books, attended other workshops, or participated in other webinars and are looking for a new breakthrough. are READY to uncover blind spots or things you may not have even realized about yourself.

YOU are invited  to cultivate a deeper connection to who you are as a woman.  Let’s embark on a transformative journey, converging to nurture and empower you, so you can heal, explore, transform, and MANIFEST like a MOTHER F*



What's included:

  • 4 day/3 night stay (Private and shared accommodations available)

  • 3 nourishing meals daily

  • Daily Women’s circles

  • Multiple healing modalities 


Not included:

  • Airfare or transportation

  • Individual services such as spa treatments

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