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Mentorship Opportunities

1:1 Coaching Call

If you are curious if the lactation field is right for you, having trouble figuring out the best pathway to your goals, or want to chat more about how to complete the requirements, this 30 minute call is for you!



Coming soon. 

1:1 Case Review

If you are working with clients in any capacity and want to review a case with me, brainstorm care plans, or just pick my brain, this 45 minute call is a great way to do that!



Does your program require you to shadow an IBCLC?  Need to see how groups are run, classes are taught, or consults are facilitated?  This is a by the hour service and can be virtually or in person and includes up to 15 minutes of debrief/Q&A afterwards.

$10 per hour


Interested in one of these?  Reach out here! 

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I will reach out to you via email! 

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